Become A Partner

Partnering with Chrysos will allow you to reach your audience in a way your fans can feel, see, and wear. We strive to make that connection between you and your fans as easy as possible.

Our approach to partnerships allows your level of involvement with your merchandise to be entirely elective. As we only partner with creators in niches that we follow, our graphic designers can create designs tailored to your niche, and the community you have developed. Should you wish to request specific designs for merchandise, designs can be created free of charge.

All merchandising logistics including shipping, sales channel management, and customer service will be provided by Chrysos as a part of the partnership. No input or work will be required by you, unless you wish to provide policies for us to apply to your fans.

How It Works

Upon reaching a partnership agreement, the Chrysos storefront will be updated to include a Branded Collection. Your Branded Collection.

Graphic design work will begin immediately and your Branded Collection will be populated with items from our merchandise product catalog as design work is completed.

Mockup designs will be emailed to you to include in any of your social media accounts, along with links specific to your own Branded Collection.

Traffic driven to your collection will be assessed and changes to your collection will be made to improve conversion rates. As your merchandise sells, payments will be made monthly to you.

Should you wish to discuss terms or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at or fill out the form below